Sunday, November 28, 2010

What does the future hold?

Sorry for the late post today, peeps. I’ve been traveling today, so I didn’t quite get to write this as early as I would have liked.

What will having diabetes mean in the future?

Most of my idea of what diabetes will be like in the future is speculation. Obviously, we know that many more people will have diabetes in the future, unless we as humanity get our act together and start getting more exercise and eating better! I suspect that there will be many more innovations in the area of insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and other technological advances like the artificial pancreas. I also think insulin manufacturers will continue to make new insulin analogs that work in better and different ways. I hope that there will be better innovations in the area of how insulin works, and how other diabetes medications work. And, ultimately, I hope there will be a cure!

With regards to what diabetes holds for me personally, I know that since I’ve had diabetes for so long, I will have complications. I have already had problems with my eye sight because of diabetes (I had really slight blood vessel leakage that was causing a weird spot in my vision), but as I’ve tightened up my blood sugar control, those complications have healed themselves. I’ll probably have some more retinopathy and some neuropathy when I get older. It seems those are the complications it is almost impossible to avoid when you’ve had diabetes for a long time. And, if I ever want to have children, diabetes will make that a lot more difficult and potentially risky too, so there’s that to look forward to as well!

But, I AM HOPEFUL! I know that while I will probably have complications from diabetes in the future, I am hopeful that improvements in medicine and technology will also mitigate those complications!

And, I am always hopeful for A CURE!

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