Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What can YOU do?

Today is the last day of National Diabetes Awareness Month, and also the last day I will be updating my blog for awhile. I will probably keep updating every few weeks or so, since I’ve actually enjoyed writing about diabetes, but I’ll no longer be posting daily.

So now that you are a diabetes expert after having read my blog, what will you do with all of your new knowledge?! We all learned in school that knowledge equals power. And since we also learned from watching Spiderman that “with great power comes great responsibility,” it is now up to YOU, dear reader, to act responsibly with regards to diabetes. Here are my ideas on how you can do that!

Knowledge = Power


You can support the cause of diabetes in many ways. If you have friends or loved ones with diabetes, support them in the changes for good that they are making in their life. You also can support local organizations that help people with diabetes by volunteering your time and talents. And, if you are able, you can support diabetes causes financially by donating to organizations like JDRF!


Another great way to act responsibly with your diabetes knowledge is to engage in prevention activities. You can help yourself and those around you by participating in and encouraging healthy eating and increased physical activity. Walk to places you need to go, instead of driving. Instead of family movie night, take a walk or ride bikes together. Encourage your local schools to offer healthier food options to your community’s children. Vote for bond issues that create and support parks and other recreational resources in your community. There are SO many little things you can do to help prevent diabetes!


After following this blog for the last month, you should now have enough knowledge and vocabulary to talk about diabetes, even if in a very simple way. TALK TALK TALK to people around you! Encourage your family and friends to know their diabetes risk, and to start a conversation with their doctor about it. Tell people that our country is on the brink of a diabetes epidemic, and encourage people to find out more about diabetes for themselves. Participate in a little diabetes myth-busting. If you hear someone say something wrong about diabetes, politely correct them. Allowing false information to be spread about diabetes does everyone a disservice. Take the mystery out of diabetes by sharing the knowledge that you now have with others.

See, it’s easy! And I’ve created a nice little acronym for you to remember your role. Just remember the word, SPA (Support, Prevention, Awareness)!

Thanks again for reading my blog and for offering comments and support along the way! And, thank you for caring enough about me, and other people with diabetes to keep reading!

Until next time, dear readers!

With lots of love,


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