Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Memory Lane

I dug these gems up the other day when I was cleaning out our spare room. I thought they would be very appropriate to post, and since today has been a long day, it gives me the added benefit of not having to write a lot either! Enjoy!

By way of explanation, the first three photos are taken in my hospital room when I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 11. You can see I'm still in the hospital bed, hooked up to IVs. The last photo is from diabetes camp!

My good friend Margarget R. came to keep me company while I was in the hospital! She was so entertaining and helped me keep my mind off of all the craziness going on! She was such a good friend! Also, I'm pretty sure that meal above was the first full meal they let me eat in the hospital. Mmmmm turkey sandwich!

A close up of Margaret and me, my teddy bear, and the infamous envelope (blanket)! Also, notice the library book all about diabetes on top of my bed.

Someone thought it'd be funny to put my teddy bear in the baby crib (infant cage) that was in the hospital room with me. Not funny!

Me and Rich Humphreys (the director of Camp Ho Mita Koda). It was the 4th of July, and Rich was decked out from head to toe in American Flag-wear. Yes, his pants were the stars & stripes as well. I have yet to meet anyone else who can pull off the bandanna look like he can!

So there you go, peeps. A little photographic insight into a few diabetes moments in my life. Enjoy!


  1. Sweet Erinator..

    I still remember that day when you were hospitalized ! The "Huff Phone Tree" was ringin that day !

    We all cried and wrung our hands with worry for our dear little Erin.

    Now look at you ! Amazing, smart ,beautiful and thriving!

    We can beat this dumb disease !

  2. Gina Knisley-GarrickApril 9, 2011 at 4:20 AM

    This is the Erin I remember oh so well. Do you remember when we got in trouble because we had a bike "wreck" and your sugar jumped? It was funny then, but I always think about that when I find out a child has diabetes. My son's friend was diagnosed when he was 6 and has had a really hard time adjusting (he's 10 now), everytime I think about him I think about that day and how hard it had to be on you as a kid, and how hard it is on my son's friend.
    Wow I kind of made this a little sad. I totally didn't mean to.The pics originally made me all nostalgic and then I ruined it, sorry.

  3. Gina! I have absolutely no recollection of that bike "wreck" at all! Isn't that crazy!? Knowing what I know now about diabetes, chances are it wasn't the bike wreck that spiked my blood sugar, and was probably one of my parents overreacting. :) Also, don't even worry about that sounding sad, it didn't bum me out or anything! You didn't ruin anything at all! Thanks for commenting!

    And thanks for being my friend back then when I was going through all that! Also, I don't know if your friend would want to do something like this, but something that really helped me when I was a kid was going to diabetes camp. So, if your friend's son would be interested in that at all, I can recommend a really great one. :) We got scholarships to go to the camp, so if they want to send him and are hesitant because of $$ or anything, there are plenty of ways he could still go. Just thought I'd pass on something that helped me a ton when I was a kid. Thanks for reading my blog!