Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diabetes: Defying Reason and Logic On a Daily Basis.

Diabetes makes no sense. Seriously.

I've had some of crappiest diabetes months in the history of diabetes-dom these past three months. For the first month we were trying to figure out what was wrong with my heart and I was wearing a heart monitor and not exercising because the monitor was really hard to exercise with and I was afraid my heart was going to explode when I exercised. (Turns out it was just SVT, which is not dangerous but feels very dangerous). The second month I was adjusting to medication for said heart condition which made me SUPER tired and I did not have the energy to exercise and basically laid in a heap on the couch all day. (I ended up switching medications and it was so much better!)  And this last month I've had a combo-pack of pump-site failures, bottles of insulin that went bad on me, realizing my insulin action time is a lot longer than I thought it was, and a very tasty Easter holiday with a visit from family that resulted in a lot of fine, yet carb-heavy, dining.

And I just got my labs back and my A1C was 6.5.  SIX POINT FIVE!

What the what?!

I mean, it's great, don't get me wrong. I'll take that number any day. But seriously, after months like this, why do I even try?

Am I the only one who feels like the harder I try and the "better" a diabetic I am, the less I understand diabetes?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh.