Monday, November 14, 2011

Word Diabetes Day

Today is Word Diabetes Day.  I'm posting this pretty late today-I've been travelling most of the day- but I still wanted to take some time to commemorate what today is about.  World Diabetes Day is about creating awareness about the impact diabetes has on the world.  When we talk about the impact diabetes has on the world, we talk a lot about how many people have diabetes, how many people will get diabetes, the financial burden of diabetes, the human toll of diabetes, etc., etc., etc.  Instead of focusing on all of those things, though, I'd like to take my cue from a friend of mine from diabetes camp, who posted this on her facebook page today:

"I just celebrated 18 years of living with (and not suffering from) this chronic illness. It shapes who I am on a daily basis."

Diabetes certainly has an impact on the world, but it's not always a bad one. I'm a better person because I have diabetes. Like my friend, I believe I am living with (and not suffering from) diabetes. Some days it sucks.  It affects me every day. But it also shapes me every day-into stronger, more understanding, more compassionate person.  So today, I want to celebrate the the lives of all those living with diabetes, I want to honor all those who love and care for people living with diabetes, and want you all to know that diabetes can have a positive impact in the world!

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