Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Basal or to Bolus . . . that is the question . . .

So, I'm at a point where I'm finally getting really good results with my basal rates. It's not amazing all the time, but it's good enough to get me a 6.5 A1C! I am wanting to make some adjustments, but I'm not really seeing any patterns and am wondering if I need to adjust my basal rates or bolus ratios?

How do you tell if you need to adjust your basal rate or bolus ratios at this point? Any of my D-friends want to weigh in on this one? Are my random, pattern-less outliers the result of inaccurate carb counting on my part?

Maybe I should just start upping my basal rate and see what that does? So much of diabetes is a WAG. :)

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