Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am grateful for insurance. Affordable medical care in the U.S. is nearly impossible to get without having a good insurance plan (notice I said good insurance plan, as not just any insurance plan will make your health care affordable). I'm lucky enough to be on a plan my husband is offered through work. And as much as I complain about co-pays and premiums, I really am blessed.

Case in point:

I just found out that one single vial of the insulin I use (the kind-out of all the other kinds-that works best for my body) costs $113.52. That's $113.52 per bottle, people. I used approximately 3 bottles a month. Do the math.

Okay, I'll do the math.

I have to buy 3 months worth at a time, in order to get a discount:

3 bottles per month X 3 months=9 bottles
9 bottles at $113.52 per bottle = $1021.68

With our co-insurance, I only pay $160 for a 3 month, 9 bottle supply. Sheesh. I remember what it was like to not have insurance for a while, and I know full well how lucky I am. I'm lucky. I am blessed. And tonight, I'm grateful.

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