Thursday, March 3, 2011


Did I mention that I'm officially going back on an insulin pump? No? Well, I totally am. I have been off of a pump for about 5 years now. I was on one from about 2000-2005. I went off the pump to go live in Ghana for a summer. I couldn't afford to be on one when I came back. I finally got good health insurance from about 2006-2007, so I went back on m y old MiniMed 508 then. I couldn't afford a new pump, but I could afford the insulin, and I had like a years worth of supplies left over from my first pumping stint. Then I started graduate school and had to go off the pump at the end of 2007 and have since stayed off the pump because of cost.

But, we have GREAT insurance now (because we pay out our of our noses for it) and I am going to be starting pumping next month, if everything works out. In addition, I will be trying out CGM-ing too! I'm pretty excited about that, because I've never done it before. I'm most likely going to be using the Animas Ping and will definitely be using the Dexcom.

And I'm stoked. STOKED! (does anyone say that anymore? no? . . . anyone?)

But I'm nervous. I'm nervous about being connected to TWO things. I'm nervous about the cost, I'm not looking forward to basal testing, and all those other things that come with pumping.

But, I'm SO looking forward to having an easier time of getting my A1Cs to where I want them to be! I'm one of those people who absolutely needs a variable basal rate, and Lantus is just not cutting it.

So, that's what's up, these days. Woot!

Post Script: I was originally going to title this post "Big Pumpin". You know, as some witty word play. However, I just looked up the actual lyrics to the song "Big Pimpin" and I'm horrified! I don't think I've actually ever heard that song, just the title, and it seemed like a fun little play on words. Not so fun anymore! Just know, that I am horrified by how many times Jay-Z managed to fit the F-bomb in there! Not to mention the sheer amount of women-hating going on in that song! ! Yikes spikes! DON'T look up the lyrics! Your eyes might bleed when you read them!

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  1. Yay for pumps and insurance!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the warning about the lyrics. As I get older I pay more attention to lyrics of songs from "my generation" and am surprised at what we got away with then. Today's lyrics are so much more violent. Sigh. So sad.