Monday, July 18, 2011

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Dear doctors & pharmaceutical companies:

You guys totally lie about how great all these new insulin analogs are. You have these fancy little pamphlets that come in every insulin bottle, detailing these "scientific" clinical trials that show how "great" Humalog and Novalog and Apidra are supposed to be. You tell us that we can take our insulin right before we eat, or even after we've already started eating, because it works so fast now! You tell us that we can easily get 1 hour post prandials under 140 without going low later on because these insulins don't stick around in your system that long. Oh, and they definitely only have 1 peak!

Yeah, freaking, RIGHT!

LIES, I tell you! It's all LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES!

I don't know who you did your clinical trials on or where (don't EVEN get me started on how crappy clinical trials are . . . ) but they must have had alien bodies, because insulin so does NOT respond how you say it does.

If only I'd had a CGM years ago, I might have figured out that you all couldn't be trusted to give me good information. If only I'd had a CGM years ago, I might've trusted my instincts about my own body and ignored your stupid advice about insulin action time.

And you all dare to call us non-compliant when you give us crap to work with, and then tell us lies about how it works?


All right, that's it! Dishonor!Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow . . . (name that movie!)

(can you tell I'm a little peeved right now?)

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  1. I've thought this many times before, although sometimes the CGM lies, too! Hopefully with your CGM, you can better figure out when to bolus...this is something I feel like I'm constantly figuring out as I went from Humalog to Novalog and back to Humalog then Apidra now. Good luck!