Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolving diabetes.

While I wish my diabetes would just freaking resolve itself, it doesn't seem like that is ever going to happen in my lifetime. Instead, I will have to work on resolving things myself, I suppose. So, here for you is a list of New Year's resolutions regarding diabetes:

1. Lower my A1C to at least the mid 6 range.
  • Test at least 8 times a day
  • Log tests and food and exercise
  • Correct if high
  • Correct with glucose tabs if low
  • Exercise more often (this goal is expanded upon in detail on my personal blog)
2. Visit an endocrinologist regularly (This year I have much better insurance, and a lower deductible, so this should be easier to do!)
  • Find an endo that takes my insurance and that I jive with (no more putting up with crappy endos for me!)
  • Make an appointment, and then keep in contact/coming back as much as they want me to and as much as I can afford
3. Get Other exams that I should be regularly getting as a Type 1 diabetic:
  • Dude, it's been a long time since I've seen a dentist.
  • I need to see an eye doctor to get my glasses Rx updated.
  • I also probably need to see a retinal specialist to get my tiny bit of retinopathy checked up on.
  • See whatever other doctor my endo suggests I see.
While I have been working my you-know-what off for the past 5-ish years to get in decent control while being under- or un-insured, I now have the means to get in even better control, so I'm resolving to do it!

Wish me luck!

What are YOUR diabetes goals this year?

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